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How does primer improve your windshield replacement?

You care about the quality of the windows but have you ever stopped to think about the quality of the products and the techniques that the installer will use? Should you be concerned about these products?


We can get right to the point with this question. The answer is a resounding yes. In our experience, we’ve pulled many windshields off cars that had previously been replaced and discovered extensive rust damage all around the windshield frame.

Windshield removal is done with metal blades. We use tools like cold knives and line knives to cut the glue sealant that holds your windshield in place. During the cutting process, it is possible and not uncommon for the blade to make contact with the windshield frame. The area where contact is made is under the windshield’s black band and moulding, so you’ll never see a scratch in your paint. It is important to note that once the window is removed, proper windshield installation calls for the windshield frame to be cleaned and primed. Primer should cover all the areas where glue will be applied and contact was made with the knives. This primer will protect the windshield frame from weathering and rusting in the future. The primer doesn’t just protect from rust, it also helps the glue to properly adhere to the windshield frame (also commonly referred to as a pinchweld).


The reason we have seen so many rusted windshields is because someone cut a corner when installing the previous windshield. Primer isn’t cheap and doesn’t go very far. If an installer is going to cut corners, not priming a windshield frame is a common one they’ll choose.

Most auto glass shops are owned and operated by upstanding members of the local community. They are not known for cutting these types of corners and do remarkable installations with quality products. We urge you to ask the shop of your choice how they plan to care for your vehicle and ensure its long term driveability.

We’re here to help you make good choices about your auto glass needs and to demystify the auto glass industry. As we continue to produce high quality content on windshield replacements and other auto glass needs, we welcome your feedback and comments. Drop us a line to let us know what you think or to tell us about topics you’d like to know more about. Feel free to contact us to get your windshield replaced by the pros and ensure you have absolute peace of mind when it comes to your car’s windows.

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